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The script (i.e. the ideas and dialog) for Lethal Discoveries is Copyright 2005-2007 by Roman Gruber and Clifford Wolf, the movie itself is Copyright 2007 by Roman Gruber.

Please see the video page for the background story.

Technical Details

Lethal Discoveries was filmed and edited using an HDV camcorder in 1080i PAL - which is affordable consumer level HD. Since the DVD will be "normal" SD widescreen PAL the image quality is expected to be comparable to professional SD equipment.

We used a couple of wireless microphones coupled with a MiniDisc recorder for the audio tracks.

The actual on-location shooting (with the actors) was done in a little less than a day and yielded three one-hour tapes of video and an equal amount of audio recordings.

Post-production is done using the "Production Studio Professional" boundle of Adobe products: Prmiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Audition.

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