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Everything else (1 items, last changed: 2008-11-26)
The name really says it all... single pictures that wouldn't warrant a gallery on their own go here...
Mountain excursion 2007-12-02 (5 items, last changed: 2007-12-02)
One of my colleagues invited us to a mountain hike. At 11:00am on the 2nd of December we made a run for the mountain - due to lack of physical endurance (mostly on my part) it quickly became a brisk walk that subsequently turned into a wheezing crawl...

But it was fun nonetheless! And even with a shaky hand, I got some pretty pictures out of the deal.
Nature (5 items, last changed: 2010-12-30)
This category is going to hold all "nature" shots like landscapes, flowers or the like.
Photography as a hobby (11 items, last changed: 2008-03-23)
Some selected pictures I have taken using digital equipment - my pre-digital photography work isn't worth showing to the general public...

There is no specific theme to this category, other than these images are some of my finest examples.
Schönbrunn 2007 (50 items, last changed: 2007-12-21)
Pictures taken during 2007 in or around the vienna zoo.
Schönbrunn 2008 (17 items, last changed: 2008-07-17)
Pictures taken during 2008 in or around the vienna zoo.
Schönbrunn 2011 (1 items, last changed: 2010-12-30)
Pictures from the Vienna Zoo taken in late 2010 and 2011
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